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The following photos are the embarrassing ones i.e. the baby pics starting from me at 3 months old until about the the age of 7. (where as you can see my love for the bears had already begun)!

3months.JPG (5428 bytes) army1968.JPG (5524 bytes) goat1969.JPG (6522 bytes) mum1968.JPG (10011 bytes) dad1969.JPG (5384 bytes) CHiPs1975.JPG (8632 bytes) bearlvr7yrs.JPG (4891 bytes)

Then i grew up and became a man!  and the first attempt at a beard went something like this...

198719.jpg (9199 bytes) 1stbeard1.JPG (68552 bytes)

Then after being told i looked scruffy by my mother, i smartened up!

199022.jpg (12904 bytes) 199225.jpg (7337 bytes)

The following pics are my most recent the first where im so serious is my new passport photo! and the last is my best friend Reg my African Grey parrot. Yes he does talk, but nothing rude YET!

passport31.JPG (17013 bytes) keith boris.jpg (22785 bytes)  keith2.jpg (69874 bytes) keith3.jpg (44865 bytes) keith4.jpg (23010 bytes)keith6.jpg (91163 bytes) reg&I1.jpg (60596 bytes)

A man with a love of bears!

Keith_bearback.jpg (36264 bytes)

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