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Let me introduce you to some of my online friends.

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  These are my friends Jonathan and Richard, they live in Vancouver, Canada and are a great pair of bears! don't they make a great couple! this is proof that age really doesn't matter when your in Love !! email

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  This Is Rob, the first bear friend i made on the net, hes from Rugby in England whose county  symbol is also a bear! is it something in the water? isn't he a woofy bear !     grrrr.....   you can email him at  or visit his site at


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This couple live in Sacremento i have known them both since June '99 now Mark is on the left with Brian on the right, another great couple of guys which i was lucky enough to find on the net email them at

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This is Dean and Richard (Rich), a great couple living in York, in North England, ive had the opportunity to meet with these 2 guys, they are terrific hosts and great tour guides of the beautiful city they live in. You can contact them on (p.s yes they do have a snake called Boris ) 

btoct99c.jpg (80573 bytes)

This is Tony & Brian who live in Birmingham (UK) and are very good friends indeed, if ever you need help they will always be there for you. Just the real kind of friends you need!  Thanks for all your help guys!