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Well a quick run down on me today would run as follows:-

    I'm 32 years old, number 1 crop hair balding (it would be dark brown), full beard, blues eyes, weighing 220lb. for the rest you can see my pictures in the My Photos page although i am desperately trying to shed a few pounds LOL 

    I'm a gay male living in a Kent in England. I hate stereotyping, but for the purpose of simplicity in the gay world, i fit in the "Bear" Category.  My Bear code is B5 F W+ C- D CD G++ S+ E R 

    Born in a town called Gravesend In the County of Kent in England in December 1967. Had a loving childhood, holidays with parents, fights with my younger sister Sarah, etc. At the age of 13 i was lucky enough to go to a grammar school, where I sat my exams. I started my First job at 17 in 1995 as a Credit Control Clerk, which I continued until 1988 when I joined the TSB Bank. I left this job after a happy 10 years as the bank merged with another  bank (Lloyds), and there were heavy redundancies.  

     As for love, I can safely say that I was "out" late in life on the on the gay scene, late as being only at the age of  31 therefore I have had no "relationship"  and no I'm not looking for pity!

    Well my  outlook on life has changed dramatically, I have recently come out to my family, and I now feel I can start afresh, It is daunting but I can finally start to enjoy myself at the age of 32 I go to regular "bear" club events and I have made a lot of good friends both on the net and in person. If anything comes from any liaisons all well and good but at the moment I am going to live life to the full! 

    What do I like doing well here's a list, I'll try not to make it sound boring! recently got back into the swing of exercise, I love walking, country and field. Animals I have a pet parrot an African Grey named Reg,  Star Trek!, any sci fi, travel, history, cozy nights in , raucous nights out,  Whisky, Bears (the human kind WOOF) and meeting lots of nice people, pubs, clubs, music all types, surfing the net, reading.